Conditions of Participation

Bamberg zaubert

16 – 18 July, 2021

Organizational Details

1. Opportunities to perform:
During the festival, each artist/each performance group has the opportunity to perform several times a day.

2. Times of performance:

5 p.m.: Parade of Artists
7 p.m. – midnight: Festival

11 a.m. –  midnight: Festival

1 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.: Festival

3. Special groups:
Artists who need special technical equipment are to perform only at certain times, and only with the approval of the organizing team.

4. Technical equipment:
In general, the organizer will not provide any technical equipment. However, the main stage and the stage at the “Gabelmann” will always be provided with light and sound systems.

5. Power supply:
Power supply will be provided only in exceptional cases. Therefore, prior notification (at the latest upon arrival) is mandatory.

6. Fire:
Due to fire regulations, all performances in which fire is used are to be held only in specified areas. Therefore, any use of fire must be mentioned in the application form!

7. Official approvals:
The event organizer assumes responsibility for obtaining any necessary approvals.

8. Performance schedule and routing slip
As in previous years, upon arrival at the hotel, each artist will receive his/her personal performance schedule together with a routing slip.

As proof of performance, the routing slip must be stamped on each stage/in each street area where the artist/group performs. Attention! Only completely stamped routing slips entitle artists to reimbursement of travel or catering expenses! (Please see Reimbursement).

Artists must comply with the timetable and locations specified by the organizer. This is the only way to ensure a fair and smooth running of the event.

9. Accommodation:
For the duration of the festival (Friday to Sunday), the artists will be accommodated in double rooms at a hotel in the city center of Bamberg. The organizer will bear the costs (maximum 3 overnight stays). Single rooms can be booked only by prior arrangement; artists will bear the additional costs. Breakfast and one free parking space at the hotel are included.

The organizer will bear the costs of accommodation to the full extent only if the artists participate in all three days of the festival.

10. Hat money:
Hat money earned from shows shall remain with the artists.

Reimbursement of costs

a. Travel expenses
The organizer will reimburse the costs for a second class rail ticket upon receipt of the original ticket. Artists travelling by car will be reimbursed at the rate of 0.30 euro (30 eurocent) per kilometer. Where appropriate, low cost flights can also be reimbursed.

However, the maximum amount to be reimbursed is 200 EUR per artist group. Other expenses such as taxi or bus tickets or parking fees outside the above mentioned areas are non-refundable!

The organizer will reimburse only train or flight expenses which are deemed necessary for the participation in the festival “Bamberg zaubert”!

Travel expenses will be reimbursed in proportion to the number of days the artists participate in the festival:

one day:     1/3 of the travel costs
two days:   2/3 of the travel costs
three days:  full refund.

b. Per diem (catering allowance)
Catering allowance depends on the room accommodation. In addition to breakfast at the hotel and boarding during the day at the festival site, each artist receives a catering allowance per day as follows:

  • 20 euro per artist and day for accommodation in double rooms
  • NO catering allowance for accommodation in single rooms

Free drinks are available at the artist lounges at the festival site. At the city hall, artists can also enjoy our daily lunch and evening buffet.

Early departure
Should artists depart already on Sunday, reimbursement is possible on Sunday evening from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. The early departure must be mentioned on the application form!

Participation in the audience award:
Only artists who participate in all three days of the festival are entitled to participate in the audience award. The audience decides by ballot what genre, artist group, or performance they liked the most.

The award ceremony takes place on Sunday on the main stage at the Maxplatz.

The prizes are as follows:

Category "magic & clownery" – 300 euro
Category "acrobatics, juggling & streetperformer" – 300 euro
Category "light- & fireshows" –  300 euro